Christ-Centered Learning

Your family is our mission

We know how exhausting the search for a high-quality school can be. It’s part of why our principal and director, Cecilia Reddy, founded the academy. With a vision of every child advancing each day and a mission to love them to their potential, we have found that our mission fits your family’s lifestyle in three distinct ways:

  • We are FLEXIBLE
  • We strive for EXCEPTIONAL

Flexibility is precious and beneficial in the world we live in. Our staff, our curriculum, our facilities, while thorough and detail-oriented, also maintain fluidity that allows us to adapt to your child’s ever-changing needs quickly. The global pandemic took everyone off guard, but this same flexibility allowed us to transition into distance learning and now transition back into face-to-face learning. We believe that always keeping a heart of servanthood makes it much easier to bend when the going gets tough!

Here at Fiorella, we believe that God is love and that His son Jesus gave His life for us. This kind of sacrificial, unconditional love is what we cling to in all aspects of education, character development, and business. Your family’s values will come first in all that your child experiences at Fiorella, starting with prayer and worship in the classroom, Bible-based times of study, and faith-led staff. Spiritual growth in the early stages of your child’s life and education is something that God promises won’t return void!

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it. – Proverbs 22:6

Exceptional experiences as a young child often set apart leaders from followers. The good news is that your child can gain access to those exceptional experiences every day at school! From visible thinking activities and hands-on kinesthetic processing to physical and fine arts curriculum, your Fiorella student will be exposed to a wide variety of subjects and disciplines, allowing them to begin discerning early on what might be their strengths and what might their weaknesses.

An Unconditional Atmosphere

Sometimes the big emotions and big reactions that come out of our little ones can be overwhelming, disheartening, or even scary. But one thing always remains that we love our kids with all of our hearts. That same sentiment overflows into all we do here at Fiorella.

Our staff is proud to live out and help create what we call an “unconditional” atmosphere, a place where it doesn’t matter how hard, it doesn’t matter how hurting, and it doesn’t matter how tired, we will love your child no matter that.

“We treat our students like they are our kids, and that’s what I love about being part of the Fiorella family,” says Ms. Medina, education manager.

We find that our parents trust us because your children trust our teachers. With patience, kindness, and gentleness, children are taught to think about consequences rather than be punished. By building trust and only discipline when necessary, we foster a relationship of respect and authority with your child, helping them to grow into adults who are responsible and kind.

Character development

Children are complex little beings, even if their needs may seem basic. Fiorella focuses on behavior rewarding instead of punishment, with a heavy emphasis on the teaching moments.

Our instructors are trained to explain the consequences of the child’s behavior and actions, helping them better understand the consequence of their behavior. Developing confidence is a hallmark of the Fiorella journey, and encouragement is one of our favorite tools. Encouraging communications contributes to a child that associates worth with their identity in Christ. A healthy communication model between staff and adults means all those little eyes are observing the proper way to speak and treat people!

We have seen the proven track success of reinforcing good behavior. One of the best ways to track, encourage, and reinforce good behaviors is creating a token economy chart or creating a point system, with incentives and small obtainable prizes for smart behavior. Because structure and love are two of the most important things for children to grow up into flourishing individuals, we strive to follow the biblical guidelines that the Lord sets up for us in His word.