Higher-level thinking focus

Imagine an early childhood education so robust that your child can teach you a couple of things! We never get tired of hearing because our school offers a depth of education that sometimes surprises parents. At Fiorella, we serve your child to equip them with the skills, character, creativity, and knowledge to grow into world-changers.

From birth to age 11, some of the most foundational and crucial development is happening in your child’s brain. This is why we chose the educational models from renowned Teaching Strategies and VESS Edu 1st.

The Creative Curriculum from Teaching Strategies, offering materials that cater to infants and toddlers to Kindergarten and Elementary ages, has been proven to increase elementary readiness, prepare for academic rigor, and promotes social-emotional development, while always striving to support all children with inclusivity and state learning guidelines.

Complimenting the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards, Vess Edu 1st curriculum responds to the rapid growth and development that your child is experiencing. With a foundation in consistency and continuity of experiences that promote development, your child will hit developmental milestones and will learn in many ways, in multiple settings (Just ask Ms. Claudio about her classroom adventures!).

Whether your child is a Bundle, Explorer, Discoverer, Navigator, Inventor, Adventurer, or Kindergarten+, you can always rest in the peace that your child is being challenged in love and grown with care. Each of our instructors will lead your child through a maze of fresh knowledge, unconditional nurturing, and a Christ-centered worldview each day they come to school.

Explore our Classes

  • Bundles

    Focus: Sensory development and healthy detachment from mom

  • Explorers

    Focus: Vocabulary development and proper body etiquette

  • Discoverers

    Focus: Social relationships and healthy independence/autonomy

  • Navigators

    Focus: Healthy expressive communication and building relationships/trust

  • Inventors

    Focus: Reading and writing foundations

  • Adventurers

    Focus: Unique identity and cognitive thought process

  • Kindergarteners

    Focus: Problem-solving, investigation, and organized thoughts/ideas